Teen Wolf AU: Stiles is supposed to go undercover to help dismantle a chain of brothels employing underage prostitues. Derek is not happy. 

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As far as I’m concerned, the only things that happened in 3B

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I read this out loud to boyfriend and he just went “ohhhhhhhhh” 

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when did potatoes learn how to run

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Is there a word that’s a mix between angry and sad

malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated


there are two types of people

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deb morris specialists in photographing tiny waves - three to thirty centimeters high - breaking on the coast near her home in new south wales. “my ‘waveart’ is my photographic passion, rather than just capturing frozen moments from this beautiful landscape,” she explains. “i have found a whole new hidden world to investigate. i endeavour to capture those moments the naked eye misses, trying to provide an alternative look to the average wave shots of today.”

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Mulberry & Charlotte Olympia

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"I’m a thousand years old, you can’t kill me!"

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Am I the only one that is absolutely flabbergast that Lord Julian refused to marry Greer because she kissed a servant but it’s okay with the fact that Lola is pregnant with another man’s child??? WHAT??? Like, I can’t even.

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T a k i a w a s e
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